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Welcome to Apocalypse guild website!

Apocalypse is a casual and mature Warhammer Online guild on the Eltharion server. Our main aim is to have fun and help each other out as we level up, take part as a guild in some RvR, Group Scenarios and take part in dungeons/instances.

If this sounds like your sort of guild then head on over to our forums and say hello or contact one of us ingame.


Land Of The Dead

Wolf2k, May 12, 09 10:11 AM.
The Land Of The Dead is soon to grace our screens, GOA have announced the new expansion will be with us mid June.  If you have not seen it already, heres a quick snippet of what to expect.

Click Here


Path 1.2 is here!

Wolf2k, Mar 12, 09 11:48 AM.
March the 3rd

The new patch 1.2 goes live today, check out the patch notes here

Patch 1.03 and Experience changes

IrishStevo, Oct 17, 08 9:56 AM.
Patch 1.03 was applied to the servers in the last couple of days. Some of the highlights are new regional chat channels, a mail icon for when you have mail, more pet tweaks and some RvR tweaks. Check here for the full patch notes. Also, we've finally got the tier 3 and 4 experience tweaks, which included a set of new repeatable quests and a bump in quest experience.

Patch 1.02

IrishStevo, Oct 11, 08 8:20 AM.
Patch 1.02 is now live on the servers. Highlights include a join all button for scenarios, changes to get rid of scenario AFK'ers and some chat and pet changes. For full details see here.

Sacellum Dungeon

IrishStevo, Oct 8, 08 3:32 PM.
Well done to all of the guild members that took part in tonight's adventure in to the Sacellum Dungeon - Kigots, Morbius, Dynaria, Baug, Malificant and myself. We managed to clear all three wings, including the nine bosses that inhabit them, without any wipes.

Here are some screenshots from tonight:

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

This was good practise for the guild and we'll probably run it a couple more times for more practise and to get some good gear for our level 13-15 members. Well done again to everyone!
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